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The date is April 22, 2015.  I’ve just returned home from attending my first Norwex party.  And it was like journeying to mecca to find it was all that was promised and more.

Since turning 40 and deciding to try once more for a girl, I’d been heading step by step along the journey.  We found it much tougher to conceive in our 40’s than it had been in our 20’s.  And we miscarried our first change-of-life baby at 12 weeks.  Desperation kicked in.  Instead of just starting a prenatal vitamin and eliminating medications and sugar substitutes, I was researching the best natural foods and supplements to improve our odds:  Royal Jelly, vitamin B, Vitamin D, etc.  After successfully conceiving, my journey continued.  Learning fetal death around the time of delivery was not uncommon with “geriatric gravida”  (ugghhh! is there an uglier-worded diagnosis?), I couldn’t  stop learning about everything that might affect the outcome.  Using a midwife, I had a front-row seat giving me glimpses into the truly crunchy-granola world.  This time around, I was going to try being a Stay At Home Mom.  And do everything better:  breastfeeding, cloth diapers, home-made baby food, melamine-free plant-based tableware.

It seemed thankless to take better care of her as an unborn fetus than when she arrived on the scene.  And hypocritical to not be as diligent in removing unnatural and harmful elements from the environment of my two older boys.  And after a difficult birth and postpartum diagnosis of Auto Immune symptoms and declining liver function, I had plenty of motivation to seriously start detoxifying our home.  I started switching out our laundry and personal care products with more natural alternatives, shopping at Abesmarket.com, rodales.com, and thrivemarket.com.  I started following blogs like Katie’s at WellnessMama.com, (another) Katie’s KitchenStewardship.com, and healthyoilsummit.com.  And exploring organic  and cosmetics at josiemaran.com, poppyaustin.com, silkoilofmorocco.com.au, and spiritbeautylounge.com.  As she points out on Kitchen Stewardship, it’s all about baby steps, one at a time, to cleaner living.

And then I received my Norwex Party invitation.  I’d never heard of Norwex, so I googled it.  And was fascinated!  I watched the YouTube videos of the product demonstrations (like the one on my home page) and read reviews.  It was where I’d been headed for these past 4 years.  Complete removal of toxins from my home!

However, I’m born skeptic, and I married one too.  I’m also…. let’s phrase it kindly as…. frugal.  Ah, it’s all about truth here, I’ll admit it — I’m downright miserly.  I can’t stand to pay more than the absolute cheapest price for anything I buy.  If they made a video game (First Person Shopper, LOL) about discount shopping, I’d probably love video games.  I researched online and found the cheapest way to get these goods was to become a Norwex consultant.  I’m no salesman — the idea of a Sales position has always been abhorrent to me — but even if I didn’t Qualify (make $2000 in sales within 90 days) for the free starter kit, and ended up having to pay for it, it’d still be a wash for the products I’d get.  IF it was all it claimed to be.  We decided I should go to the party and order on thing to confirm if Norwex products lived up to their claim (my husband chose the mop).  The plan was to dip our toes before diving in.  Unless the party just blew me away.  If it was simply amazing, I was prepared to jump.

So I came home from and logged into the party consultant’s site as directed, and jumped.  I Qualified.  I earned Fresh Start bonuses, free products, and 35% commission on all sales.  And I started designing this website.  Because I didn’t want just an online store, but a source of information.  Not just about Norwex, but about all the other natural solutions I’ve been so excited to discover.  But I didn’t pull the trigger to take the site live.

Until I decided to add Essential Oils to the products I offer.  Having heard about them and studied them for years, I finally got a chance to attend an introductory class and joined up (for free!) as it was the way to get the best pricing on the oils.

So now, my home is almost completely toxin free.  And my family’s health and wellness can be maintained with all natural products and we can avoid introducing toxins thru medical treatments.  I’m very interested to see how my lab results this fall reflect these healthy changes.

How about you?  Is your home a safe, healthy place?   Photo on 8-25-11 at 4.27 PM

I look forward to helping you create a safe haven,

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.14.05 PM


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