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Global Mission

Dr. Tory Parker With Enlightening Information About Metabolism

Have you ever wished you could just plug yourself in and recharge? We’ve likely all wished we had a little more energy throughout the day, which is why Dr. Tory Parker teaches the fundamentals needed to promote and maintain metabolic health in this presentation.
Dr. Parker holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has extensive experience in food processing, food chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and human nutrition. He has worked both in the supplement industry and in academia, making him uniquely positioned to understand product development, research, and the physiology and chemistry behind nutrition. Dr. Parker has a contagious passion for teaching people about the connection between nutrition and living a long life free from the early onset of degenerative conditions associated with poor lifestyle choices.

Want Your Norwex at LESS Than Wholesale? How About Free?

Love Norwex?  Want to pay wholesale prices?  How about less than that?  I can show you how.

Did you know that when you become a consultant, you host your own launch party–where you are both the host AND the consultant?   That means:  in addition to earning your commission (35%), you get all the Host Specials: tons of free products and a shopping spree up to 12% of party sales.  And you can have as many “Launch Parties” as you want.  Throw a live party in your home.  Throw a Facebook Party.  Throw one party for your family. Throw another for your coworkers.  Throw another for your book club.  Throw one with a chocolate theme, throw another with a flip-flop theme.

Additionally, you can place your personal orders, and orders of friends and family, as well as internet orders taken thru your online store, as a party–with you as the host.   If you’ve ever hosted a party, you know how generous Norwex is with their Host Bonuses — HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS of free product.  All yours. FREE.

May 2016 HS

[You’re charged retail price when placing the order, but you only pay Norwex the wholesale total and can apply your commission earned from your friends’ and family’s orders, and online orders to the order, so you may not have any out-of-pocket payment for your products.  Free is good.]

Enrollment and the starter kit, which contains all the products and business supplies you need to demo a party—including the coveted Superior Mop, is free. You just pay S&H and any applicable tax, around $10) if you qualify by reaching $2000 in retail sales within 90 days.  With most parties averaging more than $600 in sales, this can usually be done in 3-4 parties.  Super easy to do.

Starter Kit 2016

To encourage a strong start, Norwex offers discounted upgrade packages at enrollment to help you get all the goodies you need to make your home a Safe Haven and to share with your party guests.

Start Your Business Starter Kit Upgrade Packages

On top of that, Norwex gives additional free products as consultant incentives.  To encourage you to start strong, Norwex offers their FreshStart Rewards if your sales (including your purchases) meet certain milestones.  More. Free. Stuff!

2016 Fresh Start Page 1

Ooo, look! Freebies for me too! I’ve not seen that before. 2016 Fresh Start Page 2

Your purchases, including the optional upgrade package at sign-up, count towards both your FreshStart Rewards and your $2000 in sales needed to qualify.

If you don’t qualify, you are charged $200 for the starter kit—still less than the products would have cost retail, and you continue to receive 35% commission on everything you buy or sell. The company also gives consultant bonuses and incentives for reaching sales recruitment goals throughout the year: gifts, free product, and trips.

So what’s the fine print?  Really there is none.

  • If you wish to have your web store and the Office Suite of tools that allow you to place your orders online and such, there is a $9.99/month charge after the first 60-day free trial period.  Check mine out with the link above. Success Builder-Sales Consultant
  • There is no monthly sales requirement, but you do need to make $250 in retail sales (including but not limited to your personal purchases) in any 3 month period to keep your consultant status active. Because you get 35% discount on your purchases, this actually amounts to about $180/ 3 month period.  (NOTE: to receive manager checks, there ARE monthly sales requirements.) [I’ve heard it’s actually longer because they give you a grace period–but I’ve never had to test it.]  If you go dormant, it’s only $19.99 to reactivate (unless you do so during one of the free reactivate specials Norwex runs a couple of times a year.
  • There is no monthly auto-ship.
  • There is no annual renewal fee.
  • Norwex is Direct Sales using a home party (and/or online party) structure, not an MLM.  Although home shows make up the majority of company sales, there are many ways to build a Norwex business!  A few ideas include trade shows, fundraisers, office lunch-and-learns, person-to-person marketing, and online marketing and parties.  As long as we stay within the Norwex compliance guidelines, they give us SO many avenues to build our business!
    NOTE:  It is strictly against Norwex policy to sell these products on any online store other than our consultant websites.  A consultant can be terminated for selling on sites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.
  • If you decide being a Norwex consultant isn’t for you, you end up Norwexing your home with products that you love, and that will save you tons of time and money for years to come,  AND you have the Consultant 35% discount for your personal use.  That’s it.  Literally no downside.

Can you believe all the free stuff?  Why is Norwex doing this?  It’s simple really.  Our mission is to improve the qualify of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.  It’s not about sales.  It’s about creating safe havens.

Anybody who knows me knows I’m not about sales. At. All.  But eliminating the toxins we are exposed to is my passion. I became a consultant to get my Norwex as cheaply as possible and to fund my passion. I’ve easily received twice as much free product as I’ve purchased. My earnings fund my purchases and other expenses and I’ve improved the quality of my life by radically reducing chemicals in my home—if not for free, then darn close to it.

Whether you’d simply like to earn a bit of extra fun money, or you’re looking to replace a full-time income, or seriously go BIG-time, Norwex may be exactly the answer you’re looking for!

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Sign up, and hit your first FreshStart milestone (which you can do even before your first party just by purchasing Upgrades 2 or 3 for your starter kit), and I’ll share the shopping spree I will have earned thanks to you — giving you an extra $50 of free product!  

Success Builder-Sr VP Sales LeaderKris Carlson is my team’s Senior Vice President Sales Leader.  Kris is the top performing consultant in the U.S. and has been for quite some time.  Our team has an excellent training and support structure with many tools to help you succeed.

Sign up today. Or contact me to learn more.

I’d love to show you how you can create your Safe Haven for less than wholesale!  And if you’d like to earn great money as a consultant,  I can help you find the way that works best for you.

Join me. Let’s make our world a healthier place.

Deep Fryer Dilemma

My deep fryer has bugged me for years.  After use, I empty it of the used oil and hand wash the removable basin, wipe down the exterior shell and the heating element.  The baskets and handles I either toss in the dishwasher or hand wash in a sink of dishwater, depending on the room available in the dishwasher (and what might be stuck to the basket wires that may require a soak).  But try as I might, there was always a slightly tacky, rough area along the oil line.

The basin is big, and black, so it’s really hard to tell if this was substance stuck (fried?) on or if the finish had been damaged by use. I’m not one to really care that my pots and pans look seasoned.  But the possibility that this was an old oil deposit–or a break-down of the finish (both serious sources of carcinogens)–very much disturbed me.
imageI confess, in early years of its use, I was not aware of the shelf-life of oil (it goes rancid faster than I’d have thought) nor the dangers of reusing oil.  Peanut oil, though cheaper than olive oil, is still pretty expensive in the quantity needed to fill this large of a fryer.  [Note:  don’t by a deep fryer larger than your usual use would require.]  I’d bought the largest one to accommodate the possible occasions for use when I host my whole huge extended family.  The thought of tossing an industrial-sized vat of oil after a single use was enough to make my frugal soul consider giving up Christmas Zeppole–for a couple of seconds.  Plus, I was taught at my mother’s elbow that frying potatoes cleaned up used oil.  So… a batch of french fries, and voila, your oil is good to fry your next batch of chicken or calamari.  But I know better now.  So I’ll store the strained used oil in the refrigerator and re-use once if I have need to within a short period of time. For more about reusing oil, check out:


Because I’ve never been able to get the basin completely free of whatever is on the surface, I dread cleaning it.  Yesterday, I determined I would figure out how to get it off.  I started using dish soap on a Spirisponge – which is safe for almost all surfaces.  When that didn’t work, I pulled out the Cleaning Paste and coated my Spirisponge.  This combination works fabulous for getting off the cooked on food on my ceramic gas stove-top, so I had high hopes.  Alas, oil line – 1, Spirisponge/Cleaning Paste combo – 0.

As best I could tell, this basin was not non-stick (why would it be? — the stuff floats in baskets), so I pulled out my Mighty Mesh Pot Scrubber — which is NOT recommended for non-stick surfaces — and thru it into the mix of dish soap and Cleaning Paste.  As I scrubbed and scrubbed, I considered my next option.  I was considering trying my luck at putting in my oven, heating it up, and using the Oven & Grill Cleaner to let the enzymes safely dissolve the … gunk.  That had worked well on the tougher spots of my stove top and on my toaster oven.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 8.52.55 AM

Then I noticed the bottle of Lemon essential oil on my counter from having added to my batch of blackberry Preserves.  I’d recently read 101 uses for this oil and recalled it is a degreaser and removes sticky stuff.  So I sprinkled a 1-2 drops onto the Pot Scrubber. I gave one side a good scrub and checked.  It DID seem to be smoother!  Eagerly I continued scrubbing the rest of the oil line and lip of the basin.  When I rinsed away the suds, I was thrilled to see  there were only a couple of spots of gunk remaining.  I hit those with another pass and now my basin, for the first time in years is as perfect as the day I bought it.

While I was at it, I grabbed the almond butter jar I’d removed the label from and washed in the dishwasher in order to refill with a homemade nut butter.   I hit the exterior with a few scrubs of the lemon EO infused spirisponge, and away went the remnants of the glue from the label, easy-peasy.

My heroes!



Kids EnviroCloth® Update

We’ve updated our Kids EnviroCloth! It’s now made with our new, super-absorbent Next Generation microfiber and is perfect for removing dust, dirt and grease from any washable surface using only water. It’s perfect for teaching your little ones how to clean without harmful chemicals – get one today!

 Norwex Kids

 New SKU # for this product: 300405

Get your Norwex kids cleaning:

Winter Weather Causing Increased Static In Your Laundry?

If you haven’t done so already, DITCH THE EXTREMELY TOXIC FABRIC SOFTENER AND DRYER SHEETS!  Please!  It’s one of the top 3 most toxic household items!  Use save, natural wool dryer balls instead.  (and get yours free).

Wool dryer balls enable you to dry your laundry more efficiently — with shorter cycles and decreased heat.  If you’re still drying on high heat for longer times, that will increase static cling.

As the weather gets colder,  you may experience static cling despite reducing your settings.  In that case,  add a safety pin to your dryer balls to minimize it!


How/why does this work? It creates a “grounding” effect within your dryer.  Different fabrics rubbing together create electrostatic charge. The wool balls collect charged electrons during the drying cycle, which spread out onto the metal safety pins which are highly conductive. Your dryer’s metal drum is also conductive and when the metal pin touches the metal of your dryer drum, the built-up electrons are discharged into the drum and away from your fabric.

Get your wool dyer balls

Menstrual Cups — Who Knew?

***** Note title.  Proceed accordingly forewarned  ****

Almost as good as the products (and the getting them wholesale), being a member of the Norwex U.S. Consultant Connections group is a truly fabulous [free] perk.  In addition to sharing marketing tips and tools, I can ask any cleaning question and get immediate answers.  But sometimes I even learn a little more.

Menstrual Cups

A fellow consultant recently asked for input from the group as to eco-friendly, healthy alternatives to tampons and pads.  I merely skimmed this as I’d already seen the “moon cloths” or “mommy pads” when I was investigating cloth diapering, and determined I’m just not that much of an Earth Mama.  But then someone mentioned her Diva Cup.  And  a plethora of consultants chimed in with hearty appreciation for their own.  Ever the curious one, I had to google this.  And was amazed I’d not heard of these before.

I’ve always been an avid reader — reading every cereal box from all 6 sides, etc. — so I’d read the TSS warnings in the tampon boxes and new the risk run using them.  And  I’d already figured out it probably wasn’t a good idea to put scented stuff up in there.  Seventeen Magazine ensured this high school girl was informed about all the options out there.    I wasn’t a sporty, white pants/skirt wearing girls, so I wasn’t so terribly restricted to my options.  And in the past few years, really didn’t consider it an inconvenience to avoid swimming when needed, so I was content to just avoid tampons altogether.

Honest Pads

I was quite happy with my Always (God bless wings!). Until the head midwife at the birthing center I used for my third pregnancy noted that blessed magical absorbent layer would “give me crotch rot”.  So I braved healthier options, and had just recently learned The Honest Company began carrying Mom products along with their all natural training pants we use for nights while potty training.  First, they only come in two absorbencies — neither Overnight.  Second, I could not fathom the packaging.  This self-proclaimed earth-friendly company only sold them in boxes of 10. How is buying 2-3 boxes a month, mail order, eco-friendly packaging? [And I had to wonder who the lucky gal is that only needed 10 per month.]  They have wings.  And organic cotton. And I’d deal with shorter intervals between changes in lieu of magical but poisonous absorbency.  But the cost of this alternative was daunting. [NOTE:  I find their training pants to be worth the extra expense:  they’re cute, eco-friendly, healthy, and have NEVER leaked. (Just difficult to get if you forget to restock before you shipment runs out.)]

I’d just finished first month using Honest, and was trying to decide about placing another order, when I heard about the cups.  I was surprised to learn there was so much information out there on this product I’d never heard of.  It’s even sold at 4 local stores (CVS, Harris Teeter, Wal-Mart, and Target).  How have I never seen these?  Outside of the Norwex consultant group, reviews were mixed.  Women predominantly loved them, but if they didn’t, they HATED them. Researching, I learned that each cup company offers two sizes with general guideline that the larger is for women who have born a child or were over 30 regardless of gravidity, exceptions allowed for women’s inherent uniqueness.  And everyone seemed to strongly support one cup over the other.  In addition to the Diva Cup, there’s the Lunette, MeLuna, Blossom, Lola Cup, and a bevy of other lunar/flower-named alternatives in a variety of colors.


What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a flexible cup that is worn inside the vagina to catch/collect menstrual fluid, unlike tampons and pads which absorb it. There are over 20 brands on the market for purchase. The first menstrual cup was actually produced in 1937!

What are reusable menstrual cups made out of?

  • Medical grade silicone (most reputable brands)
  • TPE- Thermoplastic elastomer (MeLuna, MyOwnCup, Silky Cup)
  • Natural gum rubber/Latex (the Keeper)
  • Food grade silicone* (formerly Blossom Cup)
  • Unknown materials (generic cups)

Typically, silicone cups are “springier” than TPE.

*Note that cups are considered medical devices and for best quality should be made from medical grade silicone, not food grade. Food grade silicone is required to meet less stringent standards than medical grade.

For more information about food grade versus medical grade silicone, visit:

I was intrigued and researched to find out the safety.  I learned that medical-grade silicone was about the safest thing around.  And the FDA has moved to eliminate the requirement for their approval for any medical-grade silicone device.  Almost all have FDA approval, but will soon be a thing of the past.  Diva Cup (Canadian) claims to be the only ISO 13485:2003 certified menstrual cup manufacturer.

Second concern for me was usability. I read they are intended to be emptied and rinsed out (or washed with mild soap and water) at least 3 times per 24 hour interval and then sterilized in boiling water between cycles and stored in a breathable cloth bag that is included with almost all cups.  A process not without some complications, as reviewers quite graphically detail.  In considering how this could realistically fit in my life, I resolved I needed 2 — to alternate so that I could be free to clean the first when conveniently able.  And I needed a suitable storage for said used cup until such time.  And, I needed a means to sterilize between cycle without using kitchen implements.  I cloth-diapered, so storing soiled items on the go is not new to me — my Norwex Reusable Wet Wipes Bag should do nicely.  Even better, Anigan, the maker of the EvaCup makes a collapsible silicone sterilizing cup.  So, I could with some degree of confidence consider realistically fit this in to my lifestyle.


Next up, pricing. Averaging $20-$40, this is an extremely cost-effective alternative, if it works as well as its fan-club touts.  But it’s kind of an expensive mistake if it doesn’t live up to hype, the wrong size is selected (it’s definitely not returnable), or if it just doesn’t work for me as an individual (even it’s proponents caution there’s a learning curve). And I’d determined I’d need 2 to make a viable transition.  Fortunately, the Lola Cup offers 2 cups in their packaging and you can select one size of each or 2 of the same.  And thru Amazon Prime, it’s $26.99 — more than $10 less than cheapest single Diva Cup I could find (also on Amazon).  It’s a woman-owned company in the Canary Islands (Spain), but their cups are manufactured in Michigan, FDA-approved.

I made the leap.  And it was fabulous!  Learning curve, for me was not steep.  Not any more messy than I’d been dealing with.  I found it overall to be much cleaner, actually.  Best of all… No leaks. At all.  And I could sleep longer at night!  I just wish I’d discovered them sooner.  It’s crazy, but I’m actually looking forward to next cycle — weird, I know.

A Celebration of Improved Health!

I’m so excited I can hardly sit still!

I was dreading my annual check-up — namely finding out the results of my blood work.  For the past 3 years, each time they did a work-up on me, my liver enzymes kept rising.  My doctor had told me if they were still elevated, he’d want to refer me to a gastroenterologist to have a biopsy done.


When first diagnosed, he did a full liver panel.  It was his suspicion that the culprit was Fatty Liver Disease.  While awaiting the results, I started doing my research.  And found certain herbs were known to help improve liver function.  But when I returned for my results, my doctor cautioned me against using them as there was some clinical research that indicated they did more harm than good.  Tests were inconclusive for Fatty Liver Disease, but he felt that was still the cause of the elevated enzymes and prescribed a strict diet of whole foods. And to lose weight.   He said the most effect way to cleanse my liver was to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish.  Eliminate the toxins impacting my liver (e.g. processed foods, carbs, sugar, additives and fillers) instead of adding any particular cleansing herb.

I lost some weight, the liver enzymes continued to climb.

Needless to say, I could not follow such a strict diet lacking the support of my family — they’re not about to give up their macaroni (and I’d have to pry the processed foods from their cold, dead, fingers).  But I did cut out the processed foods for myself, sticking to the meat and veggies of the meals I prepared.  I buy organic and non-GMO where able to.  I have most recently  begun pressure canning my stocks, soups, jellies, and sauces.

And I looked to eliminate other toxins — those I was exposed to via contact or breathing.  Now I clean my home with water. My dishes and laundry are cleaned with pure soaps containing none of the icky stuff:  Bleach, fabric softeners, artificial scents.  My personal care products from toothpaste and deodorant to shampoo and body soap are organic, and free of the bad stuff: parabens, SLS, fillers, etc.  I replaced OTC medications with Essential Oils, as well as diffusing them just to enjoy the naturally great smells.

Norwex Microfiber and water replaced all these chemicals!

But my weight has crept back up — shoulder surgery last year put a rather large speed bump in my running program, and time constraints with a toddler restricts my exercise regimen.  And they drew my blood just after the holidays.  I was terrified to hear my results.


On the inside, I’ve been doing a happy Snoopy Dance ever since I got the news.

Snoopy Dance

Even though I desperately need to improve my exercise regimen for cardio and musculoskeletal health, radically reducing the toxins in our lives is working!

Shop or Enroll (but don’t order online, contact me directly for the discount) here.

Global Mission

The REAL Cost of Norwex

If you’re like me, you may have looked at Norwex’s catalog of products and thought, “$17 for a cleaning cloth?!?  It better be freaking magical!”

Well, first off, other than cleaning all on its own like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, they are pretty darn magical — be sure and catch a live demo if you ever get the chance.


But, even if your budget doesn’t allow for virtual magic, take a look at the savings you rack up by what a one-time cost of Norwex microfiber replaces of recurring grocery list:

Saving With Norwex