Want Your Norwex at LESS Than Wholesale? How About Free?

Love Norwex?  Want to pay wholesale prices?  How about less than that?  I can show you how.

Did you know that when you become a consultant, you host your own launch party–where you are both the host AND the consultant?   That means:  in addition to earning your commission (35%), you get all the Host Specials: tons of free products and a shopping spree up to 12% of party sales.  And you can have as many “Launch Parties” as you want.  Throw a live party in your home.  Throw a Facebook Party.  Throw one party for your family. Throw another for your coworkers.  Throw another for your book club.  Throw one with a chocolate theme, throw another with a flip-flop theme.

Additionally, you can place your personal orders, and orders of friends and family, as well as internet orders taken thru your online store, as a party–with you as the host.   If you’ve ever hosted a party, you know how generous Norwex is with their Host Bonuses — HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS of free product.  All yours. FREE.

May 2016 HS

[You’re charged retail price when placing the order, but you only pay Norwex the wholesale total and can apply your commission earned from your friends’ and family’s orders, and online orders to the order, so you may not have any out-of-pocket payment for your products.  Free is good.]

Enrollment and the starter kit, which contains all the products and business supplies you need to demo a party—including the coveted Superior Mop, is free. You just pay S&H and any applicable tax, around $10) if you qualify by reaching $2000 in retail sales within 90 days.  With most parties averaging more than $600 in sales, this can usually be done in 3-4 parties.  Super easy to do.

Starter Kit 2016

To encourage a strong start, Norwex offers discounted upgrade packages at enrollment to help you get all the goodies you need to make your home a Safe Haven and to share with your party guests.

Start Your Business Starter Kit Upgrade Packages

On top of that, Norwex gives additional free products as consultant incentives.  To encourage you to start strong, Norwex offers their FreshStart Rewards if your sales (including your purchases) meet certain milestones.  More. Free. Stuff!

2016 Fresh Start Page 1

Ooo, look! Freebies for me too! I’ve not seen that before. 2016 Fresh Start Page 2

Your purchases, including the optional upgrade package at sign-up, count towards both your FreshStart Rewards and your $2000 in sales needed to qualify.

If you don’t qualify, you are charged $200 for the starter kit—still less than the products would have cost retail, and you continue to receive 35% commission on everything you buy or sell. The company also gives consultant bonuses and incentives for reaching sales recruitment goals throughout the year: gifts, free product, and trips.

So what’s the fine print?  Really there is none.

  • If you wish to have your web store and the Office Suite of tools that allow you to place your orders online and such, there is a $9.99/month charge after the first 60-day free trial period.  Check mine out with the link above. Success Builder-Sales Consultant
  • There is no monthly sales requirement, but you do need to make $250 in retail sales (including but not limited to your personal purchases) in any 3 month period to keep your consultant status active. Because you get 35% discount on your purchases, this actually amounts to about $180/ 3 month period.  (NOTE: to receive manager checks, there ARE monthly sales requirements.) [I’ve heard it’s actually longer because they give you a grace period–but I’ve never had to test it.]  If you go dormant, it’s only $19.99 to reactivate (unless you do so during one of the free reactivate specials Norwex runs a couple of times a year.
  • There is no monthly auto-ship.
  • There is no annual renewal fee.
  • Norwex is Direct Sales using a home party (and/or online party) structure, not an MLM.  Although home shows make up the majority of company sales, there are many ways to build a Norwex business!  A few ideas include trade shows, fundraisers, office lunch-and-learns, person-to-person marketing, and online marketing and parties.  As long as we stay within the Norwex compliance guidelines, they give us SO many avenues to build our business!
    NOTE:  It is strictly against Norwex policy to sell these products on any online store other than our consultant websites.  A consultant can be terminated for selling on sites like eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.
  • If you decide being a Norwex consultant isn’t for you, you end up Norwexing your home with products that you love, and that will save you tons of time and money for years to come,  AND you have the Consultant 35% discount for your personal use.  That’s it.  Literally no downside.

Can you believe all the free stuff?  Why is Norwex doing this?  It’s simple really.  Our mission is to improve the qualify of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.  It’s not about sales.  It’s about creating safe havens.

Anybody who knows me knows I’m not about sales. At. All.  But eliminating the toxins we are exposed to is my passion. I became a consultant to get my Norwex as cheaply as possible and to fund my passion. I’ve easily received twice as much free product as I’ve purchased. My earnings fund my purchases and other expenses and I’ve improved the quality of my life by radically reducing chemicals in my home—if not for free, then darn close to it.

Whether you’d simply like to earn a bit of extra fun money, or you’re looking to replace a full-time income, or seriously go BIG-time, Norwex may be exactly the answer you’re looking for!

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Sign up, and hit your first FreshStart milestone (which you can do even before your first party just by purchasing Upgrades 2 or 3 for your starter kit), and I’ll share the shopping spree I will have earned thanks to you — giving you an extra $50 of free product!  

Success Builder-Sr VP Sales LeaderKris Carlson is my team’s Senior Vice President Sales Leader.  Kris is the top performing consultant in the U.S. and has been for quite some time.  Our team has an excellent training and support structure with many tools to help you succeed.

Sign up today. Or contact me to learn more.

I’d love to show you how you can create your Safe Haven for less than wholesale!  And if you’d like to earn great money as a consultant,  I can help you find the way that works best for you.

Join me. Let’s make our world a healthier place.


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