Winter Weather Causing Increased Static In Your Laundry?

If you haven’t done so already, DITCH THE EXTREMELY TOXIC FABRIC SOFTENER AND DRYER SHEETS!  Please!  It’s one of the top 3 most toxic household items!  Use save, natural wool dryer balls instead.  (and get yours free).

Wool dryer balls enable you to dry your laundry more efficiently — with shorter cycles and decreased heat.  If you’re still drying on high heat for longer times, that will increase static cling.

As the weather gets colder,  you may experience static cling despite reducing your settings.  In that case,  add a safety pin to your dryer balls to minimize it!


How/why does this work? It creates a “grounding” effect within your dryer.  Different fabrics rubbing together create electrostatic charge. The wool balls collect charged electrons during the drying cycle, which spread out onto the metal safety pins which are highly conductive. Your dryer’s metal drum is also conductive and when the metal pin touches the metal of your dryer drum, the built-up electrons are discharged into the drum and away from your fabric.

Get your wool dyer balls


2 thoughts on “Winter Weather Causing Increased Static In Your Laundry?

    • Julie A. Vito says:

      Thanks, Stephanie. I think the original source I used was using a mathematical equation to represent more of a grammar anology (double-negative is a positive), and I didn’t catch that. I’ve gotten a refresher course on molecular chemistry from my college-student son and updated my explanation to be more accurate (if also a bit more geeky ;-))


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