Cold and Flu Season Wellness

As a mother of almost 20 years, I’m totally okay with my kids getting minimally exposed to normal childhood illnesses.  Exposure builds immunity. And children bounce back easier than older kids and adults.  They’re going to get sick, and I’d rather nurse them thru their illnesses when they’re little rather than during their school years.

I cringe when nursery’s and pre-schools mention how much bleach they use this time of year — they’re dousing it on every thing and every surface.  The truth is viruses live an extremely short time outside of their human hosts — so it’s more likely the interactions with the other kids than it is the toys they share.  Chemical cleaners are more toxic than most germs their bodies are designed to combat.
Snot Nose
For the past 2 months or so,  my 2-year-old has developed congestion after every encounter with the church nursery, her dance studio, or the kids I watch after school — ’tis the season.  The season of snot.  When immune system activity increases, we rub On Guard, a blend of Wild orange essential oil, combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary, on the soles of her feet.  (I put on mine morning and night because Moms don’t get sick days).  And I’ve been diffusing it like crazy in our house to keep the men-folk sniffle-free.  A fragrant, natural and effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support, this essential oil smells heavenly when diffused — like Christmas in a bottle.

Despite precautions, my husband came home from work with a fever and the accompanying aches and chills.  He’s not fully embraced essential oils, but is coming around.  His usual protocol is to suffer thru the ordeal.  This time, I changed out our bedroom diffuser from a combination of oils to promote peaceful sleep to the On Guard I’d been diffusing in the living areas, and he allowed me to rub his forehead and neck with Peppermint oil.  He immediately felt relief, and after a good night’s sleep, woke in good health.  Quickest bounce back ever!


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