Detox Phase 1 Completed!

I finally went around the house and gathered up all the toxic cleaning products and implements from my various cabinets and shelves in the laundry room that I don’t use anymore (because I can clean 99% of the bacteria from surfaces in my home with just water and Norwex microfiber).

Here’s what that looks like:


And a close-up:


Isn’t that amazing!  Besides all the toxins, the amount of money spent on these cleaning products is staggering.

I did manage to return some unopened products to the store from I bought them.  And I’ll probably Craig’s List the steamer

So here’s my dilemma:

First, I’m super frugal, so the thought of just tossing all this away goes against every fiber of my being — despite knowing how ridiculous it is to use them up when I already have a MUCH safer, non-consumable alternative.  I’m rational enough to convince myself not to use them up.

My next thought was to donate or give them away.  But then…. my whole ethos is to make the world a safer place by radically reducing toxic chemicals.  How do I reconcile handing off a load of toxins on someone else — even if they aren’t one of the converted, LOL?

And lastly, just tossing the whole lot…. even working around the wastefulness of such an act, then it sits in a landfill.  But what’s the alternative?  Is this the lesser of evils?

I’d love to hear from you.  Share your own photos of going toxin-free.  Suggest a solution I’ve not considered.  I’ll give a prize to the reader who can find me a more palatable solution.


2 thoughts on “Detox Phase 1 Completed!

  1. Annette says:

    By all means…don’t use them!! That is an INSANE stash! I just laughed and had to show Matt….all he said was ‘omgosh’. You must feel like a HUGE LOAD IS OFF your shoulders! Could you somehow get rid of the product inside the bottles and then recycle them? I am not sure how to get rid of some of that stuff safely though. If that’s not possible then give them away……I know it goes against what you are living now, but not everyone is at that place yet.
    I wish I had taken a picture when I did that..but I promise you my stash was not that large!


    • Julie A. Vito says:

      Well, I confess I bought multiples, thinking if I had the products in each bathroom, they’d be more likely to be cleaned (sadly that didn’t quite work as well as I’d planned — since it requires someone to actually put them to use. And the boys only do so under duress, LOL).


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