Cleaning Floors

I have been asked what I recommend for floors. So I’m sharing my experience thus far.

The Norwex Floor Collections  are our most coveted products . Despite being the most expensive item, it was the item my husband wanted me to get to confirm if Norwex was all my internet research claimed it was. I confess, I was a little concerned it was just Swiffer with a higher price tag. I have had every Swiffer there has been. Had 2 in my possession when I signed up with Norwex. I use them. I just don’t think they clean very well. [I laugh every time I hear their current tag line, “Don’t just clean your floor, Swiffer it.” Never a truer bit of advertising in my opinion.] They make the room smell nice, and they make the floor all shiny and get up the noticeable spots. But any time I’ve had to wipe up a spill on a freshly swiffered floor (and let’s face it, nothing begs for a spill like a freshly mopped floor. Every. Dang. Time.), my towel would always come up positively black. Great for touch ups, or a spill, but not for really cleaning the floor. On the seasonal occasion of really mopping the floor, I used Murphy Oil Soap for Wood diluted in a bucket, and a Casabella cotton wring mop.

So I was not eager to test out Norwex’s claims with a $120 glorified Swiffer. But our floors were are largest pain point. With teens that tracked in, dogs that tracked in, slobbered, and shed, and a toddler who spent too much time on the floor for it to be a complete bio-hazard, we really needed a good, safe, solution. So I did my research. Norwex carries 4 mop collections: the Starter Mop, with it’s Mini version, and Kids version, the Superior Mop and it’s Mini version, and the Double-sided Mop. The difference between the standard and superior was self-explanatory — the superior is.., well, superior. And there’s nothing “mini” about our floor situation. So…. Superior or Double-sided? I took to the internet to look at reviews. A well-written reviewer indicated that in her house, with all the pet fur, the advantages of the double-sided mop just wasn’t recognized. It’s very convenient, but better for pet-free, or even child-free, homes due to the demands each place on a floor. “Amen, Sister,” I thought. So, we determined the Superior mop system was for us. Luckily, it’s in the Consultant Starter kit, so I got mine for free.

During my 2-week-long deep-clean (read more HERE), I pulled up my area rugs (except for the one under the piano). Because we have a St. Bernard, we can easily fill a Dyson canister a day, and STILL have fur tumbleweeds rolling about our floor. The Beast is a big chicken and circles the house avoiding the vacuum cleaner. I vacuum my downstairs (all hardwood) in a clockwise fashion, and by the time I reach 12 o’clock again, he’s deposited more fur — it’s endless. So I decided to vacuum the whole downstairs first. Then I’d go one room at a time, first dry mopping and then wet mopping, then on to the next room. While you can use a spray bottle and spray water as you go, I didn’t have one handy and thought it more effective to soak the wet mop cloth.

THIS WAS NO SWIFFER. First thing I noticed, as I tend to mop barefooted, is that the dry mop picked up ALL the grit. The Dyson, the broom, and the swiffers always left some grit behind. This was the first time I walked barefoot and felt nothing but the floor under my feet. Since this was my maiden voyage, when wet mopping, I checked the mop head periodically to see how much it was picking up. It looked grungy, but not overwhelmingly so. But it did need rewetting frequently. So I took it off every 10 square feet or so and rinsed it out in the sink. And was amazed at the amount of dirt that rinsed out. Since the map pad is the Norwex microfiber, it can pick up and hold massive amounts of dirt, just like the EnviroCloths.

I continued on thru all the rooms, rinsing out the mop pad each time it needed rewetting. I found it more effective to barely wring out the pad, leaving it very wet. Because the mop pad leaves so little behind, I found that each room was dry by the time I started the next. This is a godsend since I could never, and I mean never, get my floors dried before a person or animal traipsed thru the room, despite the obstacles I put in the doorways.

At first the mop was too maneuverable, flipping up on me. I’ve learned over the months, Norwex products require a soft hand. If it’s not working well, you’re probably using too much muscle. Once I adapted, I found it very easy to control. And the mop head’s profile is so low, and wide, it gets under places previously requiring me to move furniture.


If I run across a problem spot (say, fur stuck with dried slobber), I just have to put my foot on the mop head and rub the area with a little added pressure. It comes right up.

wpid-20150810_125850-2015-08-9-16-36.jpg      wpid-20150810_125911-2015-08-9-16-36.jpg


The marks on the left of the step are puppy chew marks — the only intentional damage the St. has ever done.

Our wood floors are rough finished anyway. And our Saint has Hanging Tongue Syndrome so that his tongue is never completely in his mouth. And his ruff stays damp from drinking massive amounts of water (think camel). And that’s laying on our floors most of the day. So the condition of the floor is what it is. They aren’t going to shine like some of my friends’ floors. But they looked cleaner than they every have before and they felt fabulous underfoot.  For a few days, at least.

The wood on my stairs has fared much better. They shined up so well with just water and microfiber  (I got the flat of the steps with the mop and the wood handrails and between the cast iron spindles with a wet EnviroCloth), my husband asked if I’d refinished them. The floor under a pulled-up area rug absolutely sparkled. The best thing is, it is so quick and convenient to mop the floors with the mop system, using just water, that I’m able to clean them more often, in less time, and have them dry before they’re walked on. I can, finally, keep up with the mess-makers.

We also have tile floors in our bathrooms and laundry room. The tile mop pad has been just as effective in those rooms. My mother was a July host and got her Superior mop free as well. I cleaned her travertine floors with her new mop and got up, with ease, many of the spots she thought to be natural shadings in the stone since her steam mop missed them.

I received the double-sided mop free as a bonus item and we use it in our pool house (the dogs are not allowed in there and it has less traffic). We have a laminate wood flooring, with tile in the bathroom. It’s fabulously convenient.  I keep the mop hanging on a hook behind the bathroom door and as wet feet track into the bathroom, I can just grab it and flip it to the wet side and dry up behind them. Then flip it to the dry side and get the corners which have collected some dust. Then run it up the wall to catch the webs (spiders love the pool house for some reason — probably the low human traffic volume). By then, the kids are done in the bathroom and I can flip it back to the wet side and mop up the puddles left by their swimsuits and hang it back up on the hook behind the door. Quick and easy.

Besides that, no more chemicals on my floor for the Saint to lap up and my toddler to absorb thru her skin. No dirty mop buckets to dump. No wet-jet refills. No disposable mop pads to purchase and to build up the landfill.  And the floors stay cleaner longer without the soap residue to attract more dirt.

Win – Win – Win.

For our rugs and carpets, I’ve loved how the Carpet Stain Buster and an EnviroCloth have cleaned up the pet accidents. Just clean up the solids, spray the spot and let sit for 10 minutes, and then wipe with EnviroCloth.  You’re supposed to repeat as necessary, but I’ve never had to.  A solution of Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent and water is fantastic for carpet cleaners like our SpotBot and Bissell Pro Heat.

We also use the Norwex Entry Mat at each of our doors, house and pool house, to help catch 85% of the contaminants brought into our home before they hit our floors.



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