Waldo (aka ‘Beestie as in Waldo-beest)

I have to say that’s my response.  And what I’ve found to be the response of everyone with whom I’ve shared about Norwex.  I warned my first party host that the box she would receive for her party order would be disappointingly small.  You look inside and think, “That’s it?”.  You double-check all the items are accounted for.  You put your products away and they take up such a meager space on your shelf, in your cabinet, wherever you store them.

And then you pull out your EnviroCloth to start to clean.  And it’s freaking addictive!  I, who have avoided housework for many a year, worked non-stop for the first 2 weeks after getting my starter package to give all of my home’s downstairs the deep cleaning it was so famished for. I spent Mother’s Day cleaning my windows and my wooden blinds that were coated with several years’ pollen.  I would be bone weary from a day of cleaning and childcare, and general housewifery, but I’d sit down to read or watch a program, and the siren’s call beckoned; drew me up to find another surface that required some attention. (We have a St. Bernard — there’s not many surfaces that have escaped flung slobber, fur, or massive paw prints. But mostly the drool.)

By this time, my in-laws were visiting. The guest bathroom is “The Boys’ Bathroom”. The one my 15-year-old swore he’d cleaned to guest-readiness. (We have two teenage boys — need I say more about the condition of our bathrooms?) I hurriedly moved upstairs to the bathroom. An EnviroCloth and a little water, a Window Cloth, and a couple of shots of Descaler on the shower walls, and wipe, wipe here, wipe, wipe there. Quick mop of the floor. Done. Not the huge ordeal it’s always been. I’d not yet received my Blue Diamond cleaner that would make this bathroom look like new, but there was still worlds of difference.  My mother-in-law put in her order right then for her own cloths!

BEFORE                                                                                  AFTER

20150522_090712 20150522_110403

20150522_090718  20150522_110350


I suppose when you consider that this:                                    is replaced by this:


Sorry for the quality. Click on image to more easily view.


you start to really understand that less is more.  Way more.


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